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MojoHand FX Superlative Demo video

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you (not literally) the Mojohand FX Superlative. It's meant to give you the [...]


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Two-Rock Sensor 35, “Fingerprints”

Here’s the third of 3 video love letters I’ve made for the Two-Rock Sensor 35 head and 1×12 [...]


gear demo

Two-Rock Sensor, “Your Style, Amplified”

Here's the second of 3 video love letters I've made for the Two-Rock Sensor 35 head and 1x12 [...]


gear demo

Two Rock Sensor 35 video “It Feels Like Music”

I have played a ton of gear over the years, some notable and some forgettable. Every now and [...]


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New Videos! (FINALLY)

Hello, tone tasters. I have been around the nation 10 times and am just settling down for a [...]



Reader Questions: The U2 Sound

Hi there. This is full of very useful information and you sound very knowledgeable. I have quite specific [...]



The Startup Musician Podcast

The Startup Musician started doing a series of podcasts and I'm excited to share that I was the [...]


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MojoHand FX Speakeasy Boost

I think I have finally discovered my 3-pedal Desert Island Signal Chain, and all are MojoHandFx stuff. The [...]

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How to Choose the Right Guitar Pick

As tone aficionados, we try to make sure that we have the right guitars, amps and stompboxes. But [...]

Controlling Ableton Live and an Eventide H9 with a Disaster Area DMC-6D

Holy Cow. I am SO STINKING EXCITED about the possibilities of how I perform live. This is a [...]