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Hidden Road Gems: Cool Musical Instrument Alerts

I’m in the fortunate position to be traveling the country perpetually. While this stresses the domestic side of me, it exhilarates the guitar nerd side of me. Since I believe that I’m not alone in the quest for great guitar tone, I think it’ll be cool to post cool pieces of gear that I stumble upon.

First up, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Fender blonde BandMaster. I’m not sure if this particular amp is for sale, but they have a TON of cool vintage gear and- let’s face it- everything has a price.

Secondly, I didn’t grab a pic, but there is a NOS Fender Custom Shop Tele Esquire there. It was a ’94 NAMM Special Limited and has been there ever since. It’s tagged at $3050, but that price is VERY negotiable since 1) it has celebrated a few birthdays in the store and 2) the Olympic White has yellowed nicely to a vanilla pudding on the face due to direct sunlight. But it plays great, sounds glorious and has a nice subtle flame on the maple neck. The weight is probably just over 7lbs and it’s a sweetheart.

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