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My Music in a Cool Pioneer Campaign

SO. This is cool. Pioneer Electronics is ramping up a new advertising campaign using a very talented modern poet named Steve Connell (his bio is at the link provided below).

The first video out of this first run of 4 has been posted. It has no music bed beneath it, but the second one will, and that features a tune I composed and recorded.

Many thanks to the director, Zack Mathers, Bryan Kehoe at Dunlop Engineering for the ’78 Custom Badass Distortion pedal (which is all the grind you hear on this tune), Don Morris at Electroplex amps (this is the red channel on my beloved Rocket 22), and to the gang at Taylor Guitars for the T3B and Rich Renken at Line 6 for the Tyler Variax JTV69. All this gear was used to track the tune and no animals were harmed in the process.

The home page for that campaign is here…

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