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Demo Videos at Sweetwater.com

Sweetwater is probably the nation’s largest independent music instrument retailer and they will blow your mind with how dialed in and smooth they are with sales and customer service. Case in point, I flew out to Indiana from Sunny SoCal to shoot some product videos for Taylor guitars.

I flew in to rain, snow, and freezing temps, and had to fit 6’3″ of grown man into a Fiat 500 rental car (It looked as if the Batmobile and A-Team van had a baby) but it was STILL worth it.

Here’s the result of one of the 15 videos:

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  • Jim Moulton June 4, 2012, 6:43 am

    That guitar doesn’t sound loud, I wou ld rather hear a rosewood. Our worship leader had a taylor 914ce, which sounds awesome, He let me borrow it once.