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The Tone Chef.com is a place to discuss and debate the finer tastes of guitar tone. Updates will come regularly and there will be plenty for you to digest. Bookmark the site and make The Tone Chef.com a part of your daily diet.

The Tone Chef in his native habitat

The Tone Chef, filled with determination and wisdom, leans over to dial in the perfect amount of spice

If you’re wondering who this “Tone Chef” is, it’s Corey Witt, a Southern California-based guitar player, traveling clinician, workshop presenter, kung fu master (lie), world record holder (lie), shoe collector, hair gel abuser (in recovery), and all around useful person (some would argue). Corey’s vast knowledge of guitars and their effects on the male ego has been employed by the likes of Taylor Guitars, Elixir Strings and Cables, VOX Amps, Blackstar Amps, Universal Audio, Pioneer, Composite Acoustics, BOSS, Roland, Egnater Amps, Electroplex Amplification, Visual Sound, and Line 6. He is available for workshops, seminars, clinics and– depending on the economy and how many wolves are at the door– lawn mowing and housecleaning.

If you’re a first time visitor here at The Tone Chef.com, feel free to cruise around at your leisure. If you’re not sure where to go, check:

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If you have any questions, you can contact me through this page.

Ton appetit’!