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MojoHand FX Speakeasy Boost

I think I have finally discovered my 3-pedal Desert Island Signal Chain, and all are MojoHandFx stuff. The Bluebonnet OD is a simple and dark OD, the Crosstown Fuzz is Brad’s modified Fuzz Face circuit, and for a solo boost/sweetener, it’s the Speakeasy. I prefer it with the tone and gain maxed out for extra bite and clarity and the toggle in the down position for the most fullness. But I’ve got a half dozen boost pedals on my pedal shelf and none of them give me the giggles like this one does.

I’ve said this before, but MojoHand is one of the only companies whose pedals I will pay full price for and would do so without hearing them first. Brad’s stuff is top of the heap.

Here’s the Speakeasy with those other two pedals I mentioned.