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Two Rock Sensor 35 video “It Feels Like Music”

I have played a ton of gear over the years, some notable and some forgettable. Every now and then, a piece of gear comes into the fold that is a game-changer. The first time I demoed the Two Rock Sensor 35, it shook me up. I loved how sweetly transparent it is and the word that kept coming to mind is “musical.” It’s such a musical amp that it feels like a living, breathing, resonant instrument unto itself.

Many thanks to some of my local musician friends: Chad Reisser, Jordan and Danny Santamarina, Kenny Echizen, Mike Lee, Zack Mathers and Thomas Drayton.

The signal chain is an American Standard strat with Seymour Duncan YJM Fury pickups into the Two Rock Sensor 35 and there is a Strymon El Capistan in the FX loop for some reverb and delay.

More information on Two Rock’s site.