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DiMarzio Pickups Ionizer and Transition pickups



Staten Island, N.Y., December 11, 2012 – DiMarzio, Inc. welcomes Tosin Abasi, trail-blazing pioneer of modern heavy music and lead guitarist of progressive instrumental band Animals as Leaders to its roster of endorsers. DiMarzio announced it will release three new Ionizer 8™ pickups developed for Abasi’s new signature 8-string Ibanez guitar in January of 2013. DiMarzio will also make the Ionizer 8™ pickups available for retail sale.

It has taken DiMarzio nearly two years to develop the pickups Tosin Abasi envisioned because Abasi wanted them to be capable of a wide range of sounds.

The Ionizer 8™ Neck Model (DP809) is warm and open like a vintage humbucker, solid and tight like a modern metal pickup, and performs like a classic single-coil in split mode. It’s unusual for a player to request a humbucker with the single-coil sound as important as the series humbucking sound, but Abasi was clear on this point. The split mode has lower resistance than a vintage Strat® 6-string pickup in order to let the 7th and 8th strings stay clean, but all the other specs nail the classic Strat® sound.

DiMarzio specifically created the Ionizer 8™ Middle Model (DP810) single-coil to work with the Ionizer 8™ Neck and Bridge Models. It’s clean, bright, and well-balanced. Although its construction bears little resemblance to a vintage 6-string single-coil, it performs similarly. Treble response is bright without being thin, and bass response is clean and solid.

When Abasi described what he wanted for the Ionizer 8™ (DP811) humbucking Bridge Model, he said it is all about the mids. 8-string guitars have extended low-end response, and the mids need to power the bridge position so the sound doesn’t wash out. It also needs to have enough output to overdrive an amp without making the sound muddy, and enough headroom to clean up when the volume is rolled down.

The long scale length of an 8-string guitar can make the sound of the unwound strings brittle, but the Ionizer 8™ Bridge Model has a low resonant peak that warms them up, and the high E doesn’t sound thin, even at the upper frets.

The 4-conductor wired humbuckers allow multiple coil connections, enabling a wealth of diverse sounds within the Ionizer 8â„¢ three-pickup combination.

DiMarzio’s new Ionizer 8™ Neck, Middle, and Bridge Model pickups are made in the U.S.A. and will be available from DiMarzio dealers in January of 2013. Suggested List Price for the Ionizer 8™ Neck and Bridge Models is $139 each, and the Ionizer 8™ Middle is $79. DiMarzio will show the pickups at the January 2013 NAMM Expo in Anaheim. For more information about Ionizer 8™ pickups, visit our website at www.dimarzio.com.

Strat® is a Registered Trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corp., with which DiMarzio, Inc. is not affiliated.

Please visit YouTube to view Tosin Abasi’s Ionizer 8™ Demo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBVRXQh5cU4


Ionizer 8â„¢ Neck Model DP809 List Price $139 USD
Wiring: 4-conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output: 345mV
Treble: 5
Middle: 6
Bass: 6.5
DC resistance: 8.40Kohms

Ionizer 8â„¢ Middle Model DP810 List Price $79 USD
Wiring: 2-conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output: 145mV
Treble: 8.5
Middle: 5
Bass: 4
DC resistance: 6.00Kohms

Ionizer 8â„¢ Bridge Model DP811 List Price $139 USD
Wiring: 4-conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output: 440mV
Treble: 4.5
Middle: 7
Bass: 6.5
DC resistance: 12.69Kohms




Staten Island, N.Y., December 4, 2012 – DiMarzio, Inc. is thrilled to welcome legendary TOTO guitarist, solo artist, and first-call session player extraordinaire, Steve Lukather to its team of esteemed endorsers. DiMarzio announced it will release two new Transition™ humbucking pickups for electric guitars in early December of 2012. The Transition™ pickups were developed by DiMarzio and Lukather for his new LIII™ Music Man® guitar. The pickups will also be available for retail sale from DiMarzio.

The pickups are named after Steve Lukather’s new album, Transition, that will be released on January 21, 2013 by Mascot Records. Lukather played the LIII™ guitar with Transition™ pickups throughout the new record.

The passive Transition™ humbuckers are both subtle and tough. They have power and depth. Steve says they’re organic, and they allow him to own his sound. “These days I like it simple and direct,” he says.

The Transitionâ„¢ Neck Model (DP254) has very good balance between solid bass and glassy treble. The spread between lows and highs creates a big sound that works well for both solos and backup, while the frequency response of the coils is tuned just far enough apart to open up the mids without sounding hollow.

A powerful magnet and coils tuned to slightly different frequencies create very strong fundamental tones, with sustained notes that resolve easily to first- and second-order harmonics. The output rating is not as high as DiMarzio’s loudest models, but the Transition™ Bridge Model (DP255) puts a lot of impact into every picked note.

DiMarzio’s new Transition™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups are made in the U.S.A., and are available for order now. Suggested List Price for each pickup is $115. DiMarzio plans to show the pickups at the January 2013 NAMM Expo in Anaheim. For more information about Transition™ pickups, visit our website at www.dimarzio.com.