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More toys for sale

For sale- no trades please

Egnater MOD50 head • SOLD
I moved the handle about 3″ over to one side so that the head is balanced when you carry it. It means there are extra holes in the top where the handle USED to be. This doesn’t affect the sound negatively. Just the opposite, since you haven’t been arguing with gravity during load-in, your Chi is more focused and your playing will be more inspired. You’re welcome. I have a SL, SL2, DLX, and custom VX module (Bruce made it two A channels with a sweeter top end for me). The price above is for the head, 2 modules, and the footswitch. Additional modules are $300/each.

Morgan Dual 20 head and matching 1×12 cab • SOLD
Whats better than a single 20? EXACTLY. Dual 20’s. That would be 20 more then, wouldn’t it. Here’s the link at Joe’s site. This one has the Power Level option mentioned on the page. Amp head and cab are in the “Chalk” chiliwich tolex. GREAT looking and sounding rig.

65 Amps Lil’ Elvis 1×12 Combo • SOLD
Awesome little grab n go amp with a huge sound. Thankyouverymuuch.

65 Amps Empire head • SOLD
Alright, ladies and gentlemen… what if I told you that you could have 3- count ’em, T-H-R-E-E, different eras of Marshall amps, all in a 22watt head, from 6v6 tubes?!? You’d say I was crazy. And I am, FOR SELLING SUCH AN AWESOME AMP WITH FOOTSWITCHABLE CHANNELS!!. …I mean, y’know… whatevs. Buy it or don’t… no big deal, yo.

Silverface Princeton Non-Reverb • SOLD
Princeton reverbs are loved because they’re awesome. Their non-reverb brothers have one less gain stage and are therefore cleaner amps. These little boogers are Fender vintage sparkle at it’s best. Amp is stock (with exception to a 3-prong cord). I love it this way, but swap out the speaker for a Ragin Cajun and you’re ready to melt faces with a 40 year old gem.

Fulton Webb 17 combo • $1600
I’m pretty sure they’re not making amps much these days. But this is a cool combo. 17watts is just right for most stages. Google the name and read the online mystique surrounding these amps and their affiliation with Eric Johnson. Or don’t… and sit there… and don’t buy my amp… and learn to live with the life-long nagging fear that this amp might have been the one that changes your life…

Reason Bambino with FX loop mod • SOLD
2w or 8w, powerful little amp and it weighs 11lbs! You can play a gig with it and then your wife can use it as a light weight to tone up her arms. EVERYBODY WINS.

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  • joseph tatum December 28, 2012, 8:45 pm

    Greetings. I very much enjoyed your Tweaker 88 video @ youtube. I’m trying to decide between the Tweaker 88 & the Renegade 65. I haven’t played a Renegade in months but I’m listening to a lot online. I hear a more compressed distortion in the Renegade, which I like. Do you find it to be true w/your playing experience? Both have the power output I’m after, between 50-100/watts. I like the KT88 power stage, too. Great, clean power that doesn’t color the sound too much. And the Renegade’s ability to “mix” power tubes makes me a little leary of the transformer involved with the amp. I’d be interested in your feedback. Thanks again for the great video. Blessings, j.s.t.

  • el jefe de la cucina January 4, 2013, 5:55 pm

    Hi Joseph,
    Both of these amps are pretty amazing. I loved the Renegade’s ability to mix and blend power tubes and I had no concerns over the transformer’s ability to handle it. Bruce is a world-class amp designer and he enlists help from other well-known names in the amp business to make sure the designs are efficient and stable. I thought the Renegade sounded best in the cleaner channels with the gain pushed up.

    The Tweaker 88 reminds me of a Soldano, 80’d kind of amp. The cleans are pristine and tight and the distortion is warm and grinding. It’s capable of really loud and powerful volume levels but doesn’t hafta be loud to sound good.

    You say that you liked the more compressed sound of the Renegade. I agree. It feels more spongy. A more vintage vibe but can still do heavy and modern tones.

    Best of luck, Joseph.